Capture and Keep Your Prospect’s Attention

These are unusual times. Your standard prospecting follow-up strategies won’t work. Our updated Bloodhound Prospecting Strategy will help you uncover opportunities regardless of what stage of recovery you’re in.

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The Bloodhound Prospecting Strategy for Recovery

Bloodhound prospecting follow-up strategy to get appointments

We’re in uncertain times and it will take 9+ attempts to reach a prospect. Download our multi-touch prospecting strategy to grab attention, spark conversations, and secure appointments.

You'll get:  

  • The strategy to finally get contacts to talk with you
  • How frequently to contact prospects
  • When to use LinkedIn versus email
  • The right time for a video email
  • When to send a calendar invitation
  • What to do if there's no response

With this guide, you’ll combine strategies, get noticed, connect with prospects, and uncover new opportunities.

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