KLA Group can help you...

  • Achieve forecasted revenue projections on new products and services
  • Rapidly penetrate local and global SMB markets with new offerings
  • Break into new SMB accounts and expand business in existing clients
  • Improve direct and channel sellers' time to sales proficiency and productivity

Specializing in selling IT to Small & Medium Business (SMB) companies, KLA Group works with manufacturers, distributors and channel resellers launching new product offerings, penetrating new segments, or experiencing mergers or acquisitions. KLA understands the many facets of the full IT sales channel, the challenges accompanying it, and knows how to respond.

New Product Launch and Acquisition Sales Challenges

  • Lack of sales force buy-in, support, or motivation to sell new product and service offerings
  • Inconsistent value propositions, ineffective messaging, improper positioning, and weak understanding of customer needs
  • Wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities across multiple sales channels
  • Insufficient internal resources to develop sales training and tools for new product launches and acquisitions
  • Limited time to adapt and rollout training and tools to worldwide regions

Make a Strategic Change

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We're here to help you penetrate markets with your new IT offerings. So if you are looking for more ways to increase your sales effectiveness, check out our sales training programs and upcoming events.