Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Bill Lee, Vice President

Bill joined KLA Group as Vice President in 2000. His role at KLA includes sales and sales compensation consulting along with heading up the lead generation client implementation team, and managing KLA operations. Bill’s background in accounting, systems analysis and management in the IT, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries gives him a unique perspective to serve KLA’s clients.

Bill spends much of his time outside of work fixing, testing and playing with the latest technology. He uses his hobby as a platform to bring clients “a little extra” when they work with KLA. When not being a Tech Whiz, Bill likes travel, sports and craftsmanship.

Meet The Team

Cathy McKinley, Marketing Operations Manager

Having started her career as a sports reporter for a local newspaper at the age of 14, Cathy McKinley brings an extensive career in marketing, journalism, and sales to KLA Group. Officially a marketing coordinator and content developer, Cathy loves to delight clients by ensuring campaigns maximize their number of qualified leads. Using her excellent sales listening and questioning skills, Cathy enjoys learning more about clients’ passions, personalities and priorities, which she captures in the content she develops.

Cathy is a self-professed foodie who loves trying different ethnic foods and salsas, travel, hiking and spending time with her 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

Meet The Team

Hilary Johnson, Marketing Consultant

Hilary Johnson has been delighting KLA clients since 2012 with her expertise in marketing and writing. She especially likes to learn about clients’ company cultures. She strives to become part of their team, establish lasting relationships, and help them grow their businesses. Hilary’s degrees in business, creative writing, marketing and leadership contribute to her clients’ success.

Hilary enjoys hiking, yoga, reading and traveling. She also proudly identifies as a wine snob. Hilary’s husband and daughter try to keep up with her exhilarating schedule.

Meet The Team

Kristin Logan, Marketing Consultant

Delivering the unexpected and helping clients when they need it most are Kristin Logan’s priorities with KLA Group. Armed with over 11 years in digital marketing, Kristin’s career with KLA Group began first as a content developer and now as a marketing consultant account manager with a specialization in SEO.

Before her marketing career, Kristin served in the U.S. Air Force as an air traffic controller which worked nicely with her love of travel and exploring new places. Kristin loves CrossFit, powerlifting, biking, hiking and dancing. Kristin, her husband and daughter have admirably relinquished their family car in favor of walking, biking and public transportation.

Meet The Team

Jessica Ferndriger, Marketing Coordinator

With a background in managed services marketing and international relations, Jessica Ferndriger is KLA’s metrics guru. She collects data to share insights to help improve client processes and facilitate their lead generation success. In addition to data analysis, Jessica brings marketing consulting and marketing implementation skills to the KLA team.

Outside of her working hours, Jessica is an avid adventure motorcyclist, traveler and pet lover. Jessica and her husband have a German Shepherd who enjoys joining them on the motorcycle to go camping, hiking and swimming.

Meet The Team

Lynn Hidy, Sales Consultant

With a sales career old enough to drink legally in the United States, Lynn Hidy has been coaching and training salespeople since 2005. As a certified KLA sales trainer since 2013, Lynn teaches and coaches prospecting and sales process. She is passionate about inside sales and shares actionable, confidence boosting prospecting strategies with business owners and sales people alike, helping them realize that they, too, can be successful in new business development.

A joyful woman fueled by black coffee and hoppy beer, Lynn is an adrenaline junky who is obsessed with downhill skiing reciting the mantra, “I ski like a girl – fast and aggressive!” Luckily, Lynn lives where black coffee, hoppy beer and challenging ski runs are in abundance.