The Path to Revenue Generation

In uncertain times, we understand you may be worried about where your next customer is going to come from. Since 1995, through good times and bad, KLA Group has been helping clients like you create and implement lead generation strategies and hire and develop the right salespeople. Our Revenue Generating System will help you define the lead generation, sales and marketing that will lead you through the turbulent times.

How full is your pipeline?

Lead Generation Strategies

What does Lead Generation mean? The process of proactively adding prospects to your sales pipeline. Word-of-mouth and referral business isn’t pouring in like it did prior to 2020. You need a diverse set of activities that are all working to bring new prospects into your sales funnel to be nurtured and closed. We’ve seen a shift in what is working TODAY and can help guide you with a growth strategy customized to your unique challenges.

B2B Lead Generation Services

Targeting business buyers is different than targeting general consumers in many ways. The buying cycle  can be longer, the services more complex and the buyer decision-making factors more abundant. We take all these into consideration when developing lead generation strategies for our B2B clients.

Checklist for Uncertain Times

Email Delete Barrier Checklist for Uncertain Times

Email is one of the only ways to reach prospects right now. But response rates are down. Now's the time to change how you write emails. Download this checklist to confidently write emails that initiate relationships and generate more leads.