We do lead generation for you & train your sales people to sell.

The Path to Revenue Generation

You think you have your team in place, you think you’ve hired the best but your revenue is not growing as you would expect. Since 1995 KLA Group has been helping their clients not only generate leads but also hire and develop the right sales people. We have now created the Revenue Generating System that defines lead generation, sales and marketing leading to explosive growth in revenue. 

How full is your pipeline?


How to Ask For & Get Referrals the Easy Way

Referrals should make up 20% of your lead generation sources. Use our guide to start conversations and get referrals to convert into new customers who are eager to do business with you.


Lead Generation

Successful lead generation includes a linking of multiple activities together that keeps you in front of your target market without annoying them. It's much more than just making phone calls.


Free Email PowerProspecting guide

Download your copy for 25 pages of email prospecting strategies you can apply immediately to break through the delete barrier and reach top prospects.