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Your content development goal is to convert prospects to your website. While content is valuable when it’s spread all over the web, you really want prospects to visit you at your house – your website – where you can engage them and give them a rich experience. You waste
By Kendra Lee The number one reason b2b lead generation doesn’t work is not what you think. As a business owner, you want to get more leads from your email campaigns, events and webinars, SEO, and Google Ads. That’s to be expected. You’re investing time and resources. You’re planning
You’ve probably heard the sales prospecting saying that it takes 10 “no’s” to get one “yes,” but I think that number is outdated. In today’s market, it can take 40 voicemails to reach a live person and dozens of emails to yield a single response. For sales reps, that
There are 10 critical sales hunting skills every successful hunter possesses. When you are hiring a salesperson to hunt, you want to be sure your candidate has these skills before you hire. If your objective is to hire a sales rep superstar, put these skills at the top of your interview
By Kendra Olney Lee Every January 1st brings with it a new round of resolutions, both personal and professional. You’ve made it through the first week of the year and are pondering ways to achieve sales goals this year. You may be feeling as if you’re already behind, or
Almost every custom website design meeting starts with the same question. Business owners want to know which is better, a single or multipage website design. The answer is complicated and about more than aesthetics. Your website design decisions directly impact the efficacy of your SEO lead generation strategy. To
We need to have a frank discussion if you’ve ever said, or thought, something along these lines: “We don’t need SEO. Nobody searches for what we do. They find us from speaking, referrals, and exhibiting.” Really? Take a minute to think about what happens after you give a talk
Sales prospecting and lead generation get a bad rap, especially in companies with small sales teams and where the principal still has a role in sales. I can’t tell you how many people I talk with who actively ignore revenue generation strategies. They tell me they don’t want to
Successful lead generation strategies are “scientifically dynamic.” You’re willing to mix it up, but you’re not just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Instead, you’ll target leads using this 7-step framework. Whether you are sending emails or writing SEO-focused web content, use it to structure your
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