Having a multitouch approach that includes both lead generation and prospecting will help you fill your pipeline with contacts who are at all stages of the sales cycle, so you’ve got a steady stream of qualified prospects to close. Use lead generation to reach multiple contacts with a strong
In-person meetings have gone by the wayside, and it’s necessary to embrace video to stay connected. While the phone is still important, being on screen makes your prospect feel more connected to you. Clients and prospects you meet with on video calls tend to be nicer than if you
By Kendra Lee While people have been sheltering in place away from coronavirus, some companies have been patiently waiting for the world to open again. But, while they’re accommodatingly pausing, giving prospects space to deal with the upheaval in their environments, those same prospects have been grappling with needs
In uncertain times like these, sales-led organizations are the ones that weather the storm and survive – and even thrive. If you haven’t operated from a sales-led position previously, it’s time to change. Being a sales-led organization means you’re calling and emailing prospects to look for opportunities and build
Your lead generation goals have to adapt to the times that we’re in. Yes, this is unprecedented. And that makes it a good time to reach out to clients – with the right message. Whatever your desired outcome, the main thing your lead generation needs to accomplish is staying
By Kendra Lee Let’s cut to the chase. Are you weathering or withering right now? While none of us has experienced a pandemic before, think back on previous challenging times: The Great Recession, 9/11, and if you’ve been in business long enough, the crash. How did you handle
Keeping customers loyal in this environment doesn’t just happen with good service. Talk with all your customers right now. Check-in on how they’re holding up – personally and professionally. If they want to reduce their service, remind them about the problems you solved, results you’ve provided, how you’re helping
With everyone working remotely, you need more touches to stay in front of your target market and a unique message that will grab their attention to get you through the virtual door. Combine email campaigns, social engagement, and virtual events. Lower your lead scoring and prospect to the marketing
Right now, your prospects are faced with a whole new set of challenges. That means they need help. Your help. You still have to fill your funnel, but a sales pitch will come across as tone-deaf and insensitive. Reach out to prospects with a genuine message of compassion and
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