Englewood Co Lead Generation

KLA Group has developed a system to help our Englewood, Colorado clients generate more revenue by improving lead generation, sales prospecting, and the hiring and onboarding process.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation efforts put you in front of your best potential clients and help you meet your revenue generation goals. We’ll create a plan that combines both online and offline activities to make sure each prospect is getting the attention they deserve at every stage of the sales process.

Our lead generation strategy combines a mix of activities, including SEO, email, events, phone calls and social media combined into one integrated communication strategy.

Sales Prospecting

Prospecting is about getting the right approach to grab people’s attention, confidently reaching out to those you don’t know, and scheduling more appointments. With KLA Group, we will make sure your sales pipeline stays full – which is especially important if generating new leads becomes difficult or doesn’t happen at all!

Salespeople who see prospecting as a non-essential responsibility are hindering their company because they’re not filling the pipeline with fresh opportunities.

Sales and Marketing Hiring and Onboarding

If you end up hiring the wrong sales manager, it can take 9-12 months for your company to figure out that mistake. A lot of lost revenue could be gone in those 12 months! Our successful sales hiring process provides your company with the right people in the right positions.

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