Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting

The KLA Group Approach

Sales is not an art. We believe that sales is a skill that can be learned. It’s a matter of giving sales people:

  • The right tools,
  • The right approach, and
  • The right sales training

All to develop the right sales skills to build their sales confidence. Each sales prospecting program at KLA Group integrates these crucial three components to build sales confidence and get more customers.

Many business owners and sales managers consider cold calling to be the only effective prospecting strategy for new business development. The truth is that cold calling is only one new business development strategy. The best sales prospecting strategy combines a mix of prospect attraction strategies: personal, digital, and collaborative.

Sales people cannot rely on just one approach to effectively connect with contacts. Cold calling, emailing and social networking are all powerful ways you can reach your prospects and develop new business.

Whether you’re prospecting to uncover your own leads, or following up on marketing qualified campaign leads, sales confidence and prospecting skills are the critical success factors.

KLA Group works with clients to pinpoint which sales prospecting methods will harness your sales team’s and your company’s unique strengths to get more customers now.

We do this through…

KLA Group’s Sales Prospecting Program includes sales training to ensure your sales reps build the confidence and skills to prospect for new leads, follow up on marketing qualified leads, and covert leads into sales opportunities.

There are times when a sales training course just isn’t the right fit for your organization. For these circumstances, we offer Laser Sales Coaching to guide you or your team to accomplish your sales objectives.

Consistent skill focus is only one aspect of successful sales prospecting. You also need to get your sales reps – or yourself – on the phone making prospecting calls. We offer guided Sales Blitz Days to propel your sales team through calling and successful appointment setting.

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