Sales and Marketing Hiring & Onboarding

Sales and Marketing Hiring & Onboarding

The KLA Group Approach

The average sales person takes between nine to twelve months to reach full productivity. The average marketing person takes three to six months to reach full productivity. These numbers may shock you, but they’re simply true.

Without ensuring that you made the right selection in the hiring process and a well thought out training onboarding plan, your new sales rep may never reach their full selling potential – no matter how much sales experience they have. And your marketing staffer may quit before they reach their third month.

But of course, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the worst happens to know if your new hire is going to cut it.

We are not recruiters. We guide you through developing and implementing a successful hiring process to add staff that fit your company culture and get you the sales and lead generation results required to meet your goals.

We do this through...

Our approach is customizable, direct, and focused on helping you hire the right people for your sales and marketing team based on your Revenue Generating System – where you are today and where you plan to be in the next five years.

There are times when a consulting project or a training course just aren’t the right fit for your needs. For these circumstances, we offer Sales and Marketing Laser Coaching to guide you through hiring new staff, and then guide you and your staff through a successful onboarding.

Once you’ve hired a new staff person, they need training to apply their skills and experience to their role with your company. KLA Group’s training helps your new hires reach their full productivity faster and with more confidence – increasing your success and retention rates.

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