Information Technology Solution Providers

IT Solution Providers

With more than 20 years of high-tech IT industry expertise in sales and marketing, KLA Group works with IT managed service providers, Microsoft partners, and IT software developers. 

Our IT Solution Provider clients are focused on building their businesses, moving from a few techs or software developers to a producing sales team and steady lead generation. Getting more customers and building a consistent recurring revenue stream are a high priority. But their industry is competitive, and they need to not just generate revenue, but demonstrate what makes them different – unique – from their competitors. 

We assist you in developing a revenue generating system that will not only help you generate more leads, but help you generate the RIGHT leads while developing your sales and marketing organization. 

We help you demonstrate the uniqueness of your business so you can compete more effectively.

What We Do for IT Solution Providers

With our premium Do It For You programs we step in to create and implement your lead generation program then coach and guide your team to take it over when you’re ready. 100% custom to you, you won’t find your lead generation content on someone else’s website. 

We work with your sales team to develop a successful prospecting strategy, approach and confidence that will keep their sales pipeline full. While sales prospecting may seem generic, your approach and your value proposition are unique to your business and your target market. We show your sales team how to use it.

And when the time is right, we help you put a sales and marketing team and process in place that will help you achieve your organizational goals. There are many different sales and marketing models with many different ways of staffing it.

We work together to fit the culture, needs and region of your business. 

Use Your Vendor Market Development Funds (MDF)

Our services frequently qualify for market development funds (MDF). If you have access to vendor MDF, we’ll work with you to secure it.

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