About Kendra Lee

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About Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee has built a successful career as a top seller by consistently exceeding sales goals. She is a prospect attraction authority, sales expert, speaker, author and a business owner who knows how to shorten time to revenue in innovative ways.

After starting her sales career in accounting with IBM, Kendra founded KLA Group on the philosophy that sales is not an art; it can be learned.

Her company mission? To consult, train, guide and “do it for you” so you too can beat the odds in revenue generation.

Kendra’s passion is new business revenue generation: in gaining new clients through sales prospecting and lead generation, in growing existing client accounts, market expansion, competitive differentiation, and value creation. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, national sales meetings, association and industry events.

Kendra and her husband Bill have three sons and they make their home in Colorado. It’s the perfect place for her because Kendra is an avid skier and loves every year when the snow finally comes to the mountains!

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Kendra is the author of 2 award-winning books:


Articles about or by Kendra have appeared in numerous publications in print and across the internet of things. She contributes regularly to regional and national publications, blogs and online journals.

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