We Help Phone Systems Providers Sell More Phones

How We Help Phone System Providers Sell More Phones

Since 2009, KLA Group has developed expertise with lead generation campaigns, specifically for phone system providers and resellers. Through our unique partnerships with major industry vendors, like Mitel, Avaya, 8×8, and ShoreTel (now Mitel), our team has distinctive industry expertise and insider knowledge that makes us unique in our ability to help you sell more phones.

We Can Do It For You

We can create 100% custom campaigns just for your business, or we can implement vendor-created lead nurturing and lead generation campaigns with our premium Do It For You programs. With our content development and implementation expertise, we can have you selling more phone systems in no time. Whether you’re focused on cloud phone systems, or on-premise phone systems, we can assist you.

Our content development expertise needs no introduction. Perhaps you’ve already used a KLA campaign and didn’t even realize it.

Here are just a few campaigns we’ve developed:

  • ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
  • ShoreTel Connect ONSITE
  • 8×8 Truly Unified
  • Hundreds of unique campaigns for phone system providers and MSPs

Our Insight - Your Phone Sales

We bring our insight from working with the biggest channel partners in the business to help all phone system providers develop a cohesive sales and marketing team with a comprehensive revenue generating strategy that will not only help you get more marketing qualified leads, but help bring you the right sales qualified leads to the table.

Expert Sales and Marketing Coaching

We coach and guide your team to:

  1. Successfully tailor vendor nurturing and lead generation campaigns for your business
  2. Offer our expert guidance to teach you how to implement the campaigns yourself, if you choose to.

We can work with your team to help you convert more marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads, and put a cohesive sales and marketing team in place, so you can sell more phone systems to your prospects.

We help you demonstrate the uniqueness of your business so you can compete more effectively.

Training for Your Marketing Team

We even provide training to help you expertly implement custom lead generation campaigns, or your vendor’s marketing campaigns. This training becomes your launching pad for success to develop and implement campaigns in other areas of your business.

Training for Your SalesTeam

We work with your sales team to develop a successful prospecting strategy, approach and confidence to follow up on marketing qualified leads from your campaigns, then hunt for new opportunities that will keep your sales pipeline full, and help your sales team sell more phone systems.

Your approach and your value proposition are unique to your business and your target market. We show your sales team how to use it.

Market Development Funds and Joint Marketing Funds

Our services frequently qualify for joint marketing funds (JMF) from Mitel and market development funds (MDF) from other key phone system vendors. We can:

  1. Walk you through the JMF / MDF process
  2. Help you secure the funds you need for your marketing activities with us
  3. Show you the ropes to apply for future JMF or MDF funded projects

Tired of not selling as many phones as you could? We can help.

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