Calculate the ROI
of Your Keyword Ranking

SEO is an essential B2B lead generation strategy, but selecting keywords is like spinning a roulette wheel. Use this calculator to immediately see the impact keywords you select can have on your sales funnel and ROI.

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SEO Ranking
& ROI Calculator

Calculator to Forecast SEO ROI based on Your Keyword Ranking

Website traffic drops 95% when your keyword ranking slips from page 1 to page 2. Use this calculator to determine if the keywords you’ve selected will generate the return you want. You deserve your full share of SEO leads.

You'll uncover:  

  • Your projected ROI for keywords you’re considering
  • Keyword estimated monthly traffic volume based on performance data
  • Your annual value of ranking
    position 1 versus 10
  • The effect of shifts in your opportunity close ratio
  • The ROI impact if you fall off the first page

Before you pour any effort into using keywords, use this calculator to determine how valuable they will be to your bottom line. Download it now.

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