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Kendra is the author of 2 award-winning books: The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal.

How to Get More Customers Without Cold Calling

It’s not a lie. Cold calling does not have to rule your prospecting life. In her latest book, The Sales Magnet, Kendra Lee provides you with a multitude of tip and tools to have your prospects coming to you. Through her three different prospect attraction strategies – personal, digital, and collaborative – prospects will want to work with you because they will know who you are and what you can do for them! Buy the book and gain access to The Sales Magnet – a resource library of tools to cut hours off your lead generation planning time – to use with your book.

Selling Aggainst The Goal Cover

How Corporate Sales Professionals Generate the Leads They Need

Want to attract new prospects to sell beyond your goal? Reach untapped leads and reap profits? Warm up cold calls and get your ideal prospect to call you with Kendra Lee’s award winning book, Selling Against the Goal. Learn how corporate sales professionals generate the leads they need to get more customers.

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