Hiring and Onboading Consulting

Sales & Marketing Hiring Consulting

The KLA Group Approach

Most of our clients are technical experts in their field and sales and marketing are foreign to them. They are intimidated by the thought of hiring a sales person. Or, they’ve hired sales people in the past, but those sales reps have realized only moderate to no success.

These business owners want to break out of their negative sales cycle and add the right sales and marketing people to their team.

At KLA Group we utilize a proven hiring process that we developed and continually refine based on client hiring results. We use this hiring process to:

  • Choose the right sales or marketing role to hire
  • Set performance expectations
  • Choose an affordable, motivating compensation plan
  • Develop and implement a new hire onboarding plan that will speed time to productivity
  • Increase success and retention rates

Our approach is customizable, direct, and focused on helping you hire the right people for your sales and marketing team.

In our hiring consultations, we work with clients in two ways:

  1. Develop their hiring and onboarding process.
  2. Interview their candidates.

First, we define the right role to hire based on where you are today and where you plan to be in the next five years, then together we develop the elements of your hiring process that you need to hire and onboard that role.

In result, you leave with the most effective, adaptable hiring toolbox for whichever sales or marketing role you need to hire and – ultimately – Generate More Revenue.

Sales Candidate Interviewing

Sales hiring is tricky because sales people’s job is, after all, to sell. When you’re interviewing sales people, you may not be entirely sure you have the best candidate.

This is where we step in to assist you.

We’ll interview your sales candidates and give you a specific, frank recommendation as to if we believe the candidate will fit your sales role. You don’t have to make the decision on your own.

If you hire the wrong sales person, you lose all that time and money you’ve invested, and you have to start all over again. Our interview goal is to make sure that when you extend an offer, you’re fully informed.

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