Do It for You

"Do It For You" Lead Generation Campaigns

What happens when you don’t have the staff to write, design or implement your marketing campaigns? It doesn’t get done and you don’t grow your revenue!

The small to mid-size businesses we work with often voice the concern that they don’t have enough staff, the right staff, or the time to execute the lead generation campaign we develop with them.

KLA Group has your answer…

KLA Group Can Do It For You!

Our Do It For You Lead Generation campaigns are an integral part of our Revenue Generating System designed to build recognition for your business in your target markets. All the content we develop for you are not templates; they are custom created for your business.

Nurturing and Lead Generation Email Campaigns

We will create compelling awareness- and interest-building email campaigns AND send them on your behalf.  You don’t have to think about who will implement the campaign – we will!

Compelling Article and Blog Post Creation

Create educational and marketing blog posts and articles to be used as offers in your email campaigns to dramatically increase your email campaign response rates. You are the subject matter experts and we write the blog posts and articles by interviewing you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our proactive SEO solution includes a suite of on-page and off-page services designed to increase web traffic and conversions. Through strategic analysis, website performance audits, Google My Business platform management, content creation, backlink management and reporting we help your prospects find your solutions in online searches.

Website Review and Content Creation

Your website is the home of your great content. We’ll assess your current website effectiveness. Then we’ll suggest website content edits or compose new website content that will increase traffic to your site and result in more conversions.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Elevate your search results with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We’ll select keywords then create and manage ads for your business based on a targeted strategy. Campaigns are continually monitored and adjusted to optimize budgets and drive results.

Monthly Reports

Gain transparency and keep your overall strategy on track with monthly reports and audits. In one-on-one meetings, we discuss email, website, SEO, SEM and other critical metrics with clients.

Website Development and Design

From concept to completion, work with us to design a user-friendly website that boosts conversions and gets leads. We’ll help you create a wireframe, refresh your website to bring it up-to-date, modernize and update content, migrate existing pages or write problem-aware, solution rich content. It’s a tactical approach, and each step is integrated into your overall lead generation strategy.

Infographics, ebooks and other lead magnets

High value content allows you to expand your list and quickly identify your most interested prospects. As part of your Do It For You, we’ll create expert subject matter content aligned with your target market, company branding and message. This is a very compelling way to tell prospects about your business and why you are the best company to help them.

Let’s talk about how a ‘Do It For You’ lead generation campaign will help you reach your revenue generation goals!


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