How To Get More Referrals Training

Sales Referral Training Program

How to Get More Referrals: Unleash Your Referral Stream

Online Sales Training Program – 2 Sessions

Your satisfied customers, impressed prospects, and professional network can provide you a steady stream of high-quality contacts who become clients. It’s why referrals have the highest close rate. But many businesses don’t capitalize on this powerful strategy. A skills gap exists for many sales professionals who don’t know how to start a referral gathering conversation.

20% of your company leads should originate as referrals.

The truth is, few sales managers or reps ask for referrals consistently. They don’t want to impose and aren’t sure how to ask. There isn’t a plan in place. If referral gathering occurs, it’s sporadic, and metrics aren’t tracked.

Asking for referrals should be a routine part of your sales methodology and your salespeople need to learn what to say so contacts will happily provide an introduction. Start by eliminating the skills gap and establishing procedures for your sales team to follow. Then you’ll quickly see the return on investment as referrals become clients. All of this, and more, can be accomplished through KLA’s effective sales training programs.

Overview of the Referral Training Program

Here’s what past clients have said about KLA’s How to Get More Referrals Training class:

“I got two new referrals just doing my assignment after the first class.”

“We’ve added asking for referrals to our sales and account management processes.”

“Within 7 weeks, our company increased referrals by more than 328% once we knew when and how to ask for referrals.”

A hands-on, custom experience

This program is delivered virtually via a web-based platform and takes place over 2 sessions. Each is 1-hour in length, interactive, and recorded. Class size is limited to creates an inclusive atmosphere, allowing the training to be tailored to your team’s questions and needs.

In this, expert-led, online Master Series sales training course, How to Get More Referrals: Unleash Your Referral Stream, you will learn and practice … 

  • What to say to get referrals to prospects who will value your offerings 
  • 3 things you need to know to open a referral’s door
  • 4 perfect points in the sales process to ask 
  • The #1 approach for non-responsive referrals 
  • Referral metrics to monitor 
  • And much more! 

Why wouldn’t you make referrals a consistent part of your sales strategy to unleash your referral stream?

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