Who We Help & How We Help Them

We specialize in working with companies who sell to other businesses and whose annual revenue ranges from $750K-85M.

Our most successful clients have someone on staff who is excited about selling. This may be the business owner, several salespeople, or someone else, as long as you have at least one person who is committed to selling as part of their role.

Companies who work with us are looking to highlight and leverage their differentiation. They provide a premium service and want their clients to experience that value from the point of lead generation through closing the sale and delivering the service.

Everything we do is 100% custom, designed specifically for your business. No syndicated content. No cookie-cutter process. It’s all about the uniqueness of your business in a world where showing differentiation is tough, but when you do it’s a game-changer for your revenue generation.

Companies We Work with Include:

With more than 20 years of high-tech IT industry expertise in sales and marketing, we work with IT managed service providers, Microsoft partners, and IT software developers. In this competitive industry, you need to not just generate revenue, but differentiate the uniqueness of your business from your competitors. We assist in developing a revenue generating system that will help you generate the RIGHT leads while developing your sales and marketing organization.

We work with HTG Peer Groups to develop a successful prospecting strategy, approach and confidence that will keep your sales pipeline full. HTG Peer Group members appreciate our premium Do It For You programs where we step in to develop a lead generation strategy then create and implement your lead generation program and manage your marketing. With KLA Groupm, the approach and value proposition we develop together are 100% unique to your business and your target market.

KLA Group has developed expertise with lead generation campaigns, specifically for phone system providers and resellers. We can create 100% custom campaigns just for your business, or we can implement vendor-created lead nurturing and lead generation campaigns with our premium “Do It For You” programs. With our content development and implementation expertise, we can have you selling more phone systems in no time. Whether you’re focused on cloud phone systems, or on-premise phone systems, we can assist you.

Our  small business and entrepreneur clients are focused on getting more customers and building a consistent revenue stream as their top priority. Business owners are typically looking for an expert they can partner with, as a respected member of their team who fully understands not just sales and marketing, but their business too. We help you improve your personal sales skills and lead-generating ability because we believe that sales is not an art. It’s something that can be learned – and we teach you how to do it in a manner that is comfortable for you.

Since we have 20 years of experience working with IT managed service providers, IT solution providers, and IT software developers, we know your reseller channel. They are our clients. We can help you create more easy-to-implement, results-producing marketing and lead generation campaigns and programs that you can give to your reseller channel partners. Your goal is to empower your reseller channel partners to successfully implement these lead generation campaigns, learn from them, and use them to expand their own sales and marketing organizations.

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