6 Ways to Boost Your Signal on LinkedIn

Boosting Linkedin

Now that Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn, more users will be turning to LinkedIn to find experts for whatever it is that they need. To position yourself in front of the users looking for businesses like yours, you need to boost your signal on LinkedIn. With the right approach, you can be the expert they come to first.

So how do you do that?

It comes back to content. Not just the content on your profile, which should reflect the expertise your business has to offer, but also the content you share and engage with. Your LinkedIn content strategy helps you build your network and increases the visibility of your business on LinkedIn. That’s how users find you.

Here are 6 ways to boost your signal on LinkedIn:

  1. Feature your best content in the LinkedIn projects section. The projects section on LinkedIn is one of the best places to promote the best projects your business has worked on. Put multiple pieces of content here. Just be sure it works with your golden thread. Include hyperlinks to offer your reader the option of delving deeper if they want to.
  2. Bring your projects to the top of your profile. By default, projects fall toward the bottom of your LinkedIn profile. Edit your profile to move the project section just under your summary. That way, when people look at your profile, your projects will gain more attention and clicks.
  3. Publish your own posts. The “publish post” feature on LinkedIn offers one of the easiest ways to demonstrate your business’ expertise and boost your signal to reach new prospects. When you publish, you reach not just your network, but the contacts of people who engage with your post. Some posts are still shared for weeks and months after the publish date. That’s great visibility!
  4. Include an image with each post. Thumbnails draw far more clicks, shares and comments than posts without a picture. Include an engaging graphic that will draw the eye and pull readers into your post. Or, just post an image with a phrase written on it like the one accompanying this blog post or in the hyperlink in this sentence.
  5. Write a listi-icle. A shortcut to writing your own posts: create a list post. Include an intro, a few bullets and a closing paragraph. You don’t want everything you write to be lists, but they are easy to write and a great way to increase your LinkedIn network.
  6. Don’t rely on “likes” as your LinkedIn engagement. Clicking “like” doesn’t equal social engagement. Instead, join the conversation by adding comments to posts and group discussions. Commenting tells people you took time to read the article or comment and have something valuable to contribute. It reinforces your expertise and shows true engagement.

Content increases your LinkedIn network. On my LinkedIn profile, I highlight a variety of projects that demonstrate lead generation sales and marketing expertise. I include a link to my book on Amazon, links to an eBook and infographic I’ve written, and a link to my Twitter profile. You can also see a number of posts I’ve published and conversations I engage in on a regular basis.

Using content on LinkedIn is an effective way to boost your signal to new prospects and amplify your business. Be sure your content is aligned with your golden thread message that tells people what your business is all about. Leveraging LinkedIn’s content options will give prospects the message that you are the expert you say you are. When you boost a signal like that, you’ll attract new prospects to your business with ease.

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