7 Resources to Get a Jump on Your Sales Target

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By Kendra Olney Lee

January always brings a hyper-focus on prospecting and lead generation to get the year started off strong. There’s excitement in the air as prospects have replenished budgets and new goals of their own. They’re more willing to talk with you as they try to determine how they’ll achieve their own objectives and you may have the answer. Now all you have to do is find those prospects.

7 Sales Prospecting Resources

Use these seven resources to get off to a fast start with prospecting and referral gathering. It’s a new year with new possibilities and while your sales target may be big, it doesn’t look insurmountable. You have 12 months to achieve it! Let’s get going and fill the pipeline!

How to Prospect Better Resources

  1. Video: Prospecting is Like a Cocktail Party. Watch this 2-minute video for how to change your perspective of prospecting and have fun with it.
  2. Motivation: 10 Ways to Achieve Your Sales Goals Faster – Use the 10 actions in this article to help achieve your sales goals faster all year long. (Notice #7, ask for more referrals!)

How to Ask for Referral Resources

  1. Blog: Two Steps to Put Clients in a Referral Giving State of Mind – Take 5-minutes and read the 3 qualifiers in this article that help clients give you better referrals. If you frame your referral requests this way, it’s also easier for clients to think of a contact to refer.
  2. Sales guide: How to Ask for and Get Referrals the Easy Way – Use this 9-page free guide to take the reticence out of asking for referrals. I give you 3 ways and the best time to ask. It couldn’t be easier!
  1. Replay: How to Design a Referral Program that Works – Not having a referral program keeps you from consistently asking for referrals from your happy clients. Listen to this 60-minute webinar for how to create a referral program for your business and put a consistent referral gathering program in place.
  2. Success Strategy: Teach Your Team How to Ask for Referrals – A 2-minute read with a specific strategy to engage your whole company in referral gathering.

Sales Training Resources

  1. Personal guide: How to Get More Referrals Training and Sales Prospecting Training – If you or your team want to develop your skills to get more referrals or increase your prospecting success, contact us and let’s talk about our sales expert-led virtual sales training, your objectives and how you can achieve them. You can connect with more new prospects. Let’s do it!
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