How to Meet Fourth-Quarter Sales Targets

Change up your Q4 prospecting

By Kendra Lee

It’s fourth quarter, which means the final year-end push whether you’re motivating your team or yourself to meet sales targets. Here’s a list of resources to guide you to find and close Q4 sales. I’ve included a bunch of different formats, so use the one that will galvanize and inspire you and your team.

There are only a matter of weeks left to sell this year. You can meet your fourth-quarter sales targets!

Resources to Meet Fourth-Quarter Sales Targets

1 Video: 5 Ways to Close More End-of-Year Sales – Watch this 2-minute video for 5 ways to close the year with a bang. Choose one to do today.

2. Blog: Three Places to Direct Your Prospecting Attention for Fourth Quarter Sales – Take 5-minutes (or 3 speed reading!) to find new opportunities that don’t require as much prospecting and sales effort.

3. Sales guide: Q4 Sales Strategies to Close the Year Strong – Use this free, 18-page guide to plan prospecting and sales strategies that fit your sales situation and find last-minute opportunities.

4. Replay: Makeover Your Sales Prospecting Plan to Hit Q4 Goals – Q4 presents interesting prospecting opportunities you don’t have at any other time of the year. Listen to this 60-minute webinar for how to switch up your Q4 cold call openers, email strategy and prospecting frequency.

5. Webinar: Top 5 Ways to Grab Prospects’ Attention & Close Year-End Business. Hosted by Sales & Marketing Management, I shared tips to motivate reps when they’re behind on quota and where reps can find new opportunities around the holidays.

6. Motivation: 5 Sales Myths Preventing You From Growing Your Business – Check out this myth-busting article I recently wrote for Salesforce’s Quotable blog. The advice can help you unlock opportunities in Q4 and beyond.

7. Personal guide: One-on-one coaching – If you or your team would value having your own personal sales expert guide to maximize your Q4 results, reply to this email and let’s plan the best approach to do just that.

To meet fourth-quarter sales targets requires the right tools and motivation. Commit 100% just as you do at the beginning of the year and get after it.

You can do this!

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