Increasing the Effectiveness of Your vCard for Prospecting

Increasing the Effectiveness of Your vCard Yesterday I received a vCard that quite literally stopped me in my tracks. This was not the standard electronic business card that so many people are used to either doling out or receiving as an email attachment, but rather a highly informative and functional prospecting tool.

No longer do I view the vCard as being a simple tool for relaying contact information. Instead, it’s become quite clear that it can be used as a persuasive device meant to encourage a prospect to make contact without actively selling to them. Here’s how.

1. Insert Your Photo

A photo is a great way to add a personal touch to your vCard, and can make it more effective. With most email programs, once prospects have saved your vCard, each email message you send will result in your photo popping up automatically. This is a great way to subtly assert yourself when trying to get in touch with a prospect.

2. Include All Pertinent Web Addresses

Typical vCards include basic contact information. Distinguish yourself by including social media URLs, as well as Skype and instant messaging ID’s. This is a great way to further connect with a prospect on a more personal, humanistic level. You’d be surprised how many prospects will click through to read your LinkedIn profile from your vCard.

3. Include Your Bio

A strong bio makes all the difference in the world when it comes to gaining the confidence of a prospect. Whether it be either the company itself or you as an individual that’s highlighted, add a brief overview of yourself or your services to your vCard. This can help to ensure that the prospect knows exactly what you do and why they’d want to talk with you.

Be careful not to make your bio too extensive. Anything too long will be difficult for prospects to get through. Keep it brief, outlining only the main points you’d like your prospect to know, and leave a bit of mystery for your conversation.

4. Add a Personal Touch

A vCard is the perfect tool for helping your prospects get to know you. Consider adding a tag-line, which is a great way to add personality to your vCard. The more you are able to stand  out to prospects, the more likely it is that you’ll find success.

5. Insert Your vCard Into Calendar Invitations

It’s a common misconception that vCards can only be sent and received via email. One of the most effective ways to distribute your vCard is by inserting it into a calendar invitation. You know I highly recommend using calendar invitations as a way to secure appointments with prospects and customers. When you insert your vCard into each calendar invitation you send out, it reaches your prospect and anyone else they invite to the meeting.

Sticking to the stereotypical vCard format is no way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Take the time to ensure that your vCard is unique and you can dramatically increase your chances of making a lasting impression on your prospects.

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