How to Get More Sales Leads

Send the right message with calls, emails and social media… and see improved sales results quickly

It’s never been more difficult to reach your sales prospects. You know prospects are super busy. They’re wearing multiple hats and trying to do more with less. And they’re also inundated with information from everyone… including your competition. It can take as many as 9 prospecting attempts to get their attention. So it’s critical you reach out often… with the right message to connect with prospects. With the right mix of cold calling, email prospecting, and social media interactions, you’re going to be connecting with the right prospects more than ever. And your pipeline is going to fill up.

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Prospecting and Lead Generation

Prospecting and Lead Generation are learned skills! Things like cold calling and email prospecting might come more naturally to some folks than others. But our world is in constant flux. What worked two years ago – or even last month – may not be as successful today. So to reduce the fear and mystery of getting more sales leads, you should learn the basics of sales prospecting and lead generation. And then tweak these skills as techniques evolve.

What’s the difference? Prospecting vs. Lead Generation

Although related, there is a difference. Prospecting – action taken by an individual salesperson to find qualified prospects, the folks we want to turn into clients. Lead generation – a defined program or set of actions taken by Marketing or a business leader to generate leads for Sales.

How to get more sales leads

Whether you’re a salesperson prospecting for new leads, a marketing manager building lead generation programs, or a business leader looking to empower your team with great sales leads, these resources can help you get started: