Lead Generation Master Series

Marketing Training for Strategic Lead Generation

KLA Group Lead Generation Master Series

Appointment setting, telemarketing, social media and email campaigns, by themselves, aren’t enough to fill a sales funnel.

An integrated nurturing and lead generation strategy that gets your solutions in front of qualified potential buyers, efficiently, consistently and cost effectively is the way to generate more revenue. And it has to be simple enough to execute.

One technology company who recently took this program saw:

~ Email response rates & appointment setting increase 13%

~ Monthly sales from campaign leads increase 74%

Design Your Lead Generation Strategy in 5 Weeks

In this 5 week, 1-hour, expert-led, interactive web-based Master Series marketing training course, Develop a Lead Generation Strategy that Works, participants will:

  • Develop a 6-month lead generation strategy to penetrate two best-odds target markets
  • Determine the activities that will grab your target markets’ attention while fitting into your company’s budget, resources and culture
  • Chart the details for each activity throughout the year
  • Develop a marketing calendar
  • Calculate the number of new business leads you need to achieve your annual revenue goals
  • Identify gaps in your lead generation readiness and determine how to address them
  • Establish lead scoring metrics and a lead-passing process to ensure no leads get dropped

This lead generation training course is available for small groups, or on demand.

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Here’s what past clients have said about KLA’s Email Prospect Training class:

“The day after our first class I got a reply from a person who’d been ignoring my emails for months.”

“I got a 57% response rate when I changed just one thing you taught us. Now I want to try some of the other tips, too.”

“Between the first and second class I set an appointment with a contact I never thought I’d reach!”

Email Prospecting Training

Boost Your Sales with Proven Email Prospecting Strategies
KLA Virtual Master Series Sales Training – 2 Sessions

Email is the number one tool for communicating in sales. Our Email Prospect Training series teaches your sales team immediate strategies to get responses from your prospects’ and clients’, despite overflowing inboxes. Your team will get prospecting email makeovers on how to write responsive subject lines with personalized and actionable content that will grab attention-within 2 seconds or less.

Start getting immediate results and avoiding the dreaded Email Delete Barrier.

The Email Prospect Training Program includes:

This training is delivered virtually via a web-based platform. Each session is one hour in length, interactive, and recorded

Session 1: Email Dos & Don’ts to Increase Response Rates

  • 6 Reasons emails hit the delete barrier
  • 3 Ways to increase read rates
  • Subject lines, salutations and signatures
  • Email examples and participant practice assignment

Session 2: Secrets to Writing Effective Emails

  • Live email makeovers of 3 participants’ emails
  • Advanced format and content strategies to elicit a response
  • Email follow up frequency guidelines
  • Tips to successfully incorporate email into prospecting

Extend Your Training with Laser Lead Generation Coaching

You can add Laser Lead Generation Coaching to your on-demand lead generation and marketing training course, as well. This gives you a savvy KLA Consultant to provide expert review of your assignments and guide your strategy development.

Once you’ve completed your lead generation and marketing training course, continue your Laser Lead Generation Coaching to guide you in successfully implementing the lead generation strategy you designed.

KLA’s Master Sales Training Series programs include:

Email Prospect Training
Sales Prospecting for Profits
Sales Methods to get to Yes! Faster
Develop an Executable Lead Generation Strategy

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