Lead Generation Program for Success

The KLA Group Approach to Lead Generation Marketing

The KLA Group philosophy is centered on connectivity. Successful lead generation includes a linking of multiple activities together that keeps you in front of your target market without annoying them. We believe the most effective system:

  • engages a variety of activities
  • targets specific micro segments of your client base
  • employs a focused message on the business issues your prospects are experiencing

Most importantly, we believe these activities have to fit your company’s resources and culture just as much as they have to fit the micro-segment you are targeting. The KLA Group process combines a mix of outbound and inbound lead generation and sales activities into one integrated communication strategy. We do this through consulting, Do it for You solutions, laser coaching and training

The best idea means nothing if there is no one there to put it into practice. KLA Group Consulting provides that extra helping hand your company might need to turn ideas into realities. Helping determine your lead generation strategy – putting strategy in place.

Do it for You

“I don’t have the staff, the time, or the expertise to do all these campaigns!” Your successful Revenue Generating system shouldn’t be hampered because you don’t have the staff to implement your own growth strategy. KLA Group has your solution – Do It For You.

Laser Coaching

There are times when a consulting project, Do It For You support, or a sales training course just aren’t the right fit for your organization. For these circumstances, we offer Laser sales Coaching to guide you or your team to accomplish your sales objectives.


KLA Group’s Lead Generation program includes marketing training and lead generation training to develop actionable strategies customized around your processes, your solutions, and your target market.

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