Sales Prospecting Master Series

Sales Prospecting for Profits

KLA Group Sales Prospecting Master Series

It has never been more difficult to reach sales prospects.

Busier than ever before, prospects don’t have time to listen to a “sales pitch” – leading to lackluster sales call metrics, the struggle to meet appointment setting goals, and constant fret over dry sales pipelines.

Our experience shows that it can take as many as 9 attempts to gain access to your sales prospect. Depressing? We have good news!

A sales team of 7 reps who completed this program:

~ Secured 91 appointments

~ Closed 8 new clients in 6 months

~ Have more prospects in the pipeline

Learn Prospecting Techniques in 9 Weeks

In this 9 week, 1-hour, expert-led, interactive web-based Master Series sales training course, Sales Prospecting for Profits, you will…

  • Discover how to effectively execute a mix of sales prospecting strategies – cold calling, email and social media prospecting – to break through to your busy, stressed, avoidance-prone prospects
  • Master the art of initiating memorable discussions that close appointments to get more customers
  • Develop strategies to handle stubborn gatekeepers and tough objections
  • Practice techniques with real prospects and start setting appointments by the second session
  • Overcome the dread of sales prospecting, approaching it with confidence and enthusiasm because of the immediate results you achieve
  • Plus more!

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