Build Custom Sales Training

Customer Sales Training to increase sales revenue and improve sales rep competence

Build Custom Sales Training

You’re a Human Resources, Sales Leadership or Learning & Development professional. You recognize the importance of sales training to keep your sales teams competitive and producing. 

And now your company has reached a point where it needs to take sales training to the next level.  Maybe you’re in one of the following situations:

  • You need a “new hire” sales training program.
  • Your company processes, language and offerings need to be incorporated into your sales training program.
  • It’s getting really expensive to use your training company’s proprietary sales program.
  • It’s time to own the intellectual property rights to your sales training program.
  • Your sales training program should build upon your unique competencies and integrate with other training you provide.
  • You want the benefits of tailored training without the cost of complete custom development.

A custom or tailored sales training program – based on your unique business and success strategies – is the right way to support your sales team and improve sales rep competence.

A sales training program to fit your company

Effective sales training is an ongoing program that appropriately engages the right people with the right information in an effort to meet sales goals consistently.  

Custom sales training for larger & growing companies…

In a larger or growing company, you’re dealing with diverse requirements, large teams and other complex business variables.  Your sales training program must be built around the processes and competencies you’ve defined for your sales team.  And it needs to integrate with other training offered or required by the company.  It may also be important to own the intellectual property rights to your program.  So you’ll want to create and deliver a custom sales training program unique to your competencies and other related training.

Tailored sales training for smaller & growing companies…

For a small or mid-sized business, your sales training program must incorporate the specific sales success strategies that have worked well in the past.  However, it doesn’t need to be an entirely custom program.  So it’s appropriate and cost-effective to tailoran existing sales training program to reflect your unique success strategies, culture, language and offerings.

Whether custom or tailored, a truly effective sales training program focuses on individual goals and contributions.  It blends proven sales expertise with your team’s specialized knowledge.  It engages and leverages your best people…including sales managers and subject matter experts (SMEs).  It’s unique to your specific sales environment and performance objectives.

How to start building your sales training program

Effective sales training is an ongoing program builds on sales reps’ talents and competencies, and the unique knowledge of what it takes to succeed in sales in your company. 

Use the following resources to improve your sales team’s competency and sales results: