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There are a handful of critical skills every successful sales hunter possesses. With lead generation and prospecting in high demand, how do your skills – or your team’s skills – stack up? 1. Self-starters. By nature, natural sales hunters possess an inherent desire to hit the phones, pavement, social
By Kendra Lee It’s annual planning and budgeting season once again. Business owners’ favorite two numbers to use to build their plans are growth and operational expenses. But when you ignore your sales team’s capacity, you set yourself up to miss your numbers and potentially lose valuable sales staff.
The most difficult sales position to fill is that of a hunter. A higher percentage of salespeople are cut out for account management, where clients already exist and the job is client retention and growth. The challenge is compounded by business owners’ expectations for the hunter role. Because it’s
Today I was working with a client setting KPIs (key performance indicators) for a new business development sales rep he wants to hire. We calculated the number of sales they need the rep to make this year, the length of the sales process, the number of first-time appointments the
Business owners don’t understand the fundamental law of how new business development actually happens. If you’re stuck in a mentality of looking only for opportunities that will close in the next 90 days not only is that shortsighted, but it’s wildly expensive and wrong. What are you doing with