How to Increase Reps’ Appointment Setting Results

Use your personality to increase first time appointments during cold calls

Has your team mastered the basics of writing sales prospecting emails and bemoan they still don’t get replies from cold prospects? Are they blaming gatekeepers, voicemail and the email delete barrier for not meeting their assigned first time appointment metrics? No doubt about it, these are roadblocks to gaining access to decision-makers, but your sales […]

6 Tips to Maximize Your Email Prospecting

Hidden opportunities to distinguish your prospecting emails

The most effective prospecting emails are 99 words or less. That makes them a quick read and with one call to action, they’re easy for contacts to reply to in only a matter of minutes. “Yes, I’ll meet.” “No, next Thursday doesn’t work.” Or, silence. Even at under 99 words, your reps may hear nothing […]