6 Email Personalities to Avoid if You Want People to Like You

For those of us who have been in sales for longer than a decade, it’s easy to sometimes long for the days when customers waited until they met you (or conducted several phone calls with you) to decide whether they liked you. Back then, we had more control over how prospects perceived us. A firm […]

[Video] The Sales Management by Assumption Mistake

Sales Management by Assumption Mistake

When business owners hire senior sales reps, they often make a dangerous assumption: Because of their previous experience, those reps require minimal training and can simply be turned loose to deliver big results. In the video below, I provide a real-world example of why that assumption very rarely works out.

Questions with Kendra: Yay or Nay? Intentional Voicemail Disconnects

Q: Freddie has been reading our Email PowerProspecting eBook and when I followed up with him, he posed this interesting question: What are your thoughts on the voicemail approach of disconnecting in the middle of the call? I received a callback today using that method. A: I’m not wild about it. I don’t like tricks. I […]

Is Your Email Prospecting Hyper-Focused or Haphazard

Recently, I had a conversation with a client that echoed an increasingly common refrain I’ve been hearing from salespeople and sales managers. “Kendra,” the client started, “we’ve been executing email prospecting for a while and we’ve been experiencing great results, but suddenly we’re finding it very difficult to generate responses. I think we’re doing everything […]

[Video] Email your prospects where they live

Email your prospects where they live _ KLA Group -- Denver CO

If you’re not segmenting email campaigns based on where prospects live, I’ve got bad news for you: Your response rates are probably suffering. The reason? As I explain in the video below, geographic location can have a big impact on what prospects want from your messages and how they prefer to read them.