Be sure your sales reps know your target market and persona details. When you share this information, your reps know who to target, why and how. You’ll improve their campaign follow-up, change how they’re selling on a daily basis, align your messaging with theirs and convert more leads.
It’s only after you hear “no” that you can begin to improve your sales process and sales skills. Follow up on all proposals until you find out what the situation is. Even older proposals. After all, the company may not have resolved those needs, and you need to know
Adding a bit of mystery and anticipation to your prospecting is one of the most effective ways to get prospects engaged. Holding back additional information to share in a later conversation keeps prospects interested in continuing the discussion to learn more. The mystery must be compelling to work though!
Getting past the goaltender can be tough. But if you want to score, you’ve got to connect with the right contact. The gatekeeper can block your shot and you’ve got a total shutout. Your best assist? LinkedIn. When you connect on something personal and specific from the target contact’s
If you’re getting all your leads from one new business development activity, you’re missing out on some great opportunities. You’ll see a significant dip in your sales funnel as each lead source has its own natural cycle. Mix it up with email campaigns, Google AdWords, events, social media, referrals
Have everyone in a customer-facing role choose one question to use when they want to ask for a referral. Then, teach them how to frame their referral request and transition from the topic at hand to their question in a staff meeting. Your team will practice together, making them
Perhaps a business owner’s biggest frustration is seeing all those opportunities sitting in the pipeline, but nothing is closing. Proposals were presented. Prospects declared, “I’ll let you know.” But they haven’t, and now you don’t know what to do next. When your reps get all the way through presenting
Price objections and highly competitive sales processes are clear indicators that you’re not communicating your value to prospects. They see no difference between you and your competitors. Communicate your value in your marketing and ensure sales reps reinforce that value in their conversations. Prospects will love your unique value,