Focus your new business development efforts on establishing relationships and identifying the drivers that compel potential buyers to work with you. This approach is much more effective than only trying to score appointments that will close in the next 60 to 90 days, and you can apply your understanding
Your prospecting and lead generation emails must get past the gatekeeper to reach your target contact. To do that, write your emails to address issues, questions and points that the gatekeeper can’t solve on their own. This forces them to share the email with your target contact and potentially
Has your team mastered the basics of writing sales prospecting emails and bemoan they still don’t get replies from cold prospects? Are they blaming gatekeepers, voicemail and the email delete barrier for not meeting their assigned first time appointment metrics? No doubt about it, these are roadblocks to gaining
Review all the prospects you’ve worked with over the past two years but never closed. Many never made a decision or might regret the decision they did make and are ready for a change. Add them to your prospecting list to start warming them up and engaging them.
Testimonials are a fantastic lead generation tool, especially to communicate to your specific target market and niche markets that you understand their needs and have satisfied customers in their industry. Keep the testimonials focused on hot-button trigger events important within that industry to make them even more compelling.
The most effective prospecting emails are 99 words or less. That makes them a quick read and with one call to action, they’re easy for contacts to reply to in only a matter of minutes. “Yes, I’ll meet.” “No, next Thursday doesn’t work.” Or, silence. Even at under 99
To stand out, you have to be different and, more importantly, relevant. We still live in a world of mass communication where generic, untargeted messaging easily gets lost. If you hyper-focus your email prospecting to smaller, very specific microsegments of contacts, your message will feel much more interesting and
This is NOT me telling you not to cold call. But it can take as many of 9 attempts to reach a new prospect. Reach out in different ways for those 9 touches: mix in email, drop-by visits, LinkedIn engagement and event invitations to grab attention and get them
The most difficult sales position to fill is that of a hunter. A higher percentage of salespeople are cut out for account management, where clients already exist and the job is client retention an growth. The challenge is compounded by business owners’ expectations for the hunter role. Because it’s
Account managers should be on the lookout for revenue uplift opportunities and ways to expand your company’s footprint with each client. Rather than tactlessly soliciting your clients, a good account manager knows where the client needs additional help and simply offers it.