When sales results look bleak, it’s time to brush off the team’s old tricks in favor for something new. What they know clearly isn’t working. Give them more training to help them sell more effectively. You’ll increase their confidence and see a boost in sales activity.
If cold calls make you feel like you’ve activated your inner robot or are reading from a script, then it’s safe to say you’re doing all the talking. Cold calls are a key opportunity to listen to the prospect and understand what their challenges are. Add in open-ended questions and
Listen up Starbucks lovers. If you’re willing to pay extra for that quality coffee experience, but you’re worried about being 20-30% more expensive than your competitors, you’re missing a daily lesson with that coffee. Show your prospects how you’re going to give them a better experience and they’ll line up
Vince Lombardi didn’t lead the Green Bay Packers to 5 NFL championships in 7 years without putting in effort. And, he didn’t quit in the fourth quarter. Set up your 4th quarter appointments now so you can close before 2018’s game is over. Here’s your playbook: 10 Sales Strategies to
Your LinkedIn profile should represent the best of your career. Have it reflect the ways you help people and your expertise in a way that aligns with what your current prospects need. Add content that relates to your work experience and illustrates that expertise. Be sure to include content for all
Sometimes results aren’t always in your sales rep’s control. But their performance is, and that’s what you should be tracking through the sales cycle. Are they making the calls and are they following up? If they are not meeting your performance expectations over a period of six or more months,
Cold calling is the pits for people who answer the phone only to have you launch into a carefully rehearsed product sales pitch. Instead, talk to them about what’s going on in their business. Ultimately, you want to share your solution, but in the first call, your only goal is
Assuming you offer more than one solution, there are additional revenue opportunities hiding in your existing client base. You’ll notice them during your review meetings with clients. To make sure you don’t miss these opportunities, set up regular review meetings every 3-6 months and use that time to look at
When you’re cold calling, you’re (hopefully!) leaving voicemails. Though they can be nerve wracking, they present an important opportunity as you’re only likely to reach about 12% of your contacts at any given time. To make return-worthy voicemails, record practice voicemails that include a compelling message, your email address and