Prospecting emails need to be short to be effective. When you have too much to say, add a P.S. with a postscript of no more than 2 lines. Make it count! It will stand out and get noticed, as long as you don’t have any taglines in your signature
When sales aren’t closing something might be holding your prospect back. It’s likely there are hidden objections they’ve never expressed. Or, those objections may be coming from sources you have yet to meet. Continually ask questions throughout the sales process to spot these concerns and ferret out all contacts
You don’t have to call cold contacts to get good leads – you can reach back out to old contacts with great results. Prospects who never made a change or went with a competitor might be unhappy and re-evaluating. Hearing from your friendly reps might be what gets them
Whether you’re the queen of cold calling or the king of referral-gathering, choose prospecting and lead generation approaches that allow your sales strengths to shine through. You become your own Sales Magnet when you capitalize on your natural talent. You’ll also start exceeding your goals faster than you thought
Don’t worry about pricing objections; they’re inevitable but easily overcome. Start by bringing prospects back to why they are talking to you in the first place. What urged them to earmark budget? Use that information to build your case for your recommendations and how it will solve their problems.
By Kendra Olney Lee January always brings a hyper-focus on prospecting and lead generation to get the year started off strong. There’s excitement in the air as prospects have replenished budgets and new goals of their own. They’re more willing to talk with you as they try to determine
By Kendra Olney Lee Every January 1st brings with it a new round of resolutions, both personal and professional. You’ve made it through the first week of the year and your goals are hanging there. You may be feeling as if you’re already behind, or you’ve missed them already.
Who doesn’t want to close more sales? Set specific goals for the number of monthly sales activities you will do to improve your sales. Use SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. Then check in with your goals and measure your progress and adjust as you go along.
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