Staying on Top of Your Sales Game in a Chaotic World

Staying on Top of Your Sales Game in a Chaotic WorldI recently read an article about chaos theory and the emergence of what the author dubbed “Generation Flux” – a generation of people defined, not by demographics, but by their common ability to thrive in a state of chaos. “GenFluxers,” according to the author, are exhilarated by change and the opportunities it can bring.

For non-GenFluxers, however, constant change can be overwhelming.

The article reminded me of many conversations with clients who already feel intimidated by the ever-changing sales environment of new tools, new techniques and shifting expectations, along with ever-increasing quotas.

If the article is right in declaring that we’re living in an extended period of chaos – in short, that chaos is the new normal – the question becomes, “How can you, as a seller, stay on top of your game in this chaotic world?”

I’m glad you asked, because the answer is nothing new; it’s something we’ve been preaching for years.  The key is focus.

Sellers need to define and focus on their mission and priorities, from which they set specific goals and boundaries.  These can then be used as filters to decide what to read, how to spend your time, what new skills or tools you need to acquire.  Ask yourself, does this activity contribute to my vision, my goals?  Is it consistent with my boundaries?  If not, we give you permission to say, “No!”  You don’t need to respond to everything; in fact you can’t.

For example, I follow just a few blogs and attend a limited number of events each year, because I’ve learned that I can find an idea to implement in almost anything, and it would be easy to get overwhelmed.   I limit myself to those things that are consistent with my core vision.

One of the side benefits of limiting what you respond to is that time will sort out the fads from enduring changes, so you don’t have to waste your time on things that won’t be around tomorrow.

Now maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, I like change; I enjoy trying new things.” Lucky for you.  You’re wired to thrive in today’s world.  Still, don’t get caught in the trap of trying everything shiny and new, even if you are a GenFluxer.  You still need to let your vision, priorities and goals guide you, if you hope to achieve your aim.

You might try just one or two new things at a time; things consistent with your vision.  Or allow yourself to explore something novel each month just for the sheer fun of it, but don’t let your infatuation with change override your focus and success.

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