A Strategy to Hook Unresponsive Prospects

A strategy to hook unresponsive prospectsSo you’ve done everything you can think of to get through to an unresponsive prospect, and it just isn’t happening. Yes, business owners and executives are busy people, but with all your efforts, you’d think they’d respond after nine separate attempts.

Are they avoiding you? Did they not listen to all your voicemails or read your emails? Chances are, they simply have too much on their plate and they don’t see the importance of spending their limited time with you.

In this scenario, you’ve got two choices – either give up, or figure out how to hook them. If you give up, you’ve wasted all the valuable time you’ve spent prospecting. A nurturing campaign may be exactly the strategy to finally hook them. Launching a nurturing campaign keeps you on your prospects’ radar without seeming obtrusive until they don’t have so much on their plate.

Why a Nurturing Campaign now?

You’ve probably heard the term, but may not have thought of nurturing campaigns as a tool to deal with unresponsive prospects. It’s a lead generation strategy, isn’t it? Exactly – and that’s what your unresponsive prospects need – some long term, nurturing lead generation.

A nurturing campaign involves utilizing a selection of lead generation strategies to build awareness with your prospects. It focuses on issues they may be experiencing and that you can solve. It combines a balance of personal, digital and collaborative strategies that keep you visible with prospects over a period of time, precisely what you want to do when prospects don’t yet realize they really need to talk with you.

Over time, a nurturing campaign helps make you ubiquitous. Suddenly, those unresponsive prospects hear or see your name everywhere they turn. You’re hosting a relevant event. You’ve written an interesting blog post. You posed thought-provoking comments in their social media groups.  And that causes them to stop and notice.

Now, when you call those unresponsive prospects, they’ll recognize your name. They know what you’re talking about. You’re more than just a sales person trying to have a product conversation. You’re someone they actually want to speak with. While they’re still busy people, and it still may take a few calls and emails to get a response, they will respond.

So don’t give up on those tough prospects. Nurture them. They’ll take your call when they see the value.

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