Grab Attention and Get Replies with These 5 Email Marketing Tips

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I speak to a lot of people I think of as “email marketing armchair quarterbacks.” To them, it’s all easy. Tap out a few sentences on the keyboard. Hit send. Touchdown.

Then I ask about the last memorable email they received. Or the last time they responded to a B2B marketing email. It dawns on them how many emails they ignore. They start thinking about what they send to prospects. Is it effective? Is it ending up in the trash? Some get a little panicked as if the pocket is collapsing around them and they have nowhere to throw the ball.

Standing on AstroTurf won’t turn you into Tom Brady
Simply sending an email doesn’t mean you’ll get a response even if it’s one of your top lead generation strategies. Replies take work. And grit. You have to grab somebody’s attention with your email and keep it. Here are 5 email marketing tips to do it.

Tip 1: Demonstrate You Understand their Problems

Your solutions solve real problems. Prospects won’t see that if the focus is all about you. When you’re sending emails, you aren’t the quarterback. Your prospect is. You’re the coach there to guide them downfield and into the endzone.

  • Recognize the problem they’re experiencing
  • Express empathy
  • Keep the focus on your prospect and offer a way out

Don’t bother writing emails if you don’t know your B2B lead generation target market

It’ll be a waste of time. How you talk to the owner of a small, local business isn’t the same as the messaging you use to reach out to the CEO of a multinational company. Those are 2 very different B2B lead generation target markets, and they have different concerns. 

Remember you’re writing to a person 

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that your email list is made up of individuals. Avoid messages that sound too mass market. Imagine a prospect in your target market as you write. Keep emails friendly and personable by using their first name. You aren’t limited to the greeting. Using merge fields on your email platform, you can also add your contact’s first name to the body of your email or the subject line. Do this sparingly so it doesn’t feel gimmicky. 

Tip 2: Write a Compelling Subject Line

35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. Let that sink in. For at least a third of your list, your entire email marketing campaign boils down to a few words. It really is a few words. 7 or 8 is typically the max, but the subject line could be cut off before then by their inbox. Space is limited and you need to make a big impact, immediately. If you want to leave an impression, your subject line must:

  • Command attention 
  • Feel personal to your target market
  • Put important words at the beginning so they don’t get truncated
  • Relate to the content in the body of the email
  • Create a sense of urgency 

Boost email open rates with action-packed words

Adding lively verbs to your subject line helps you:

  • Grab attention
  • Convey your message
  • Get clicks
  • Set the stakes
  • Pique interest

Take your time to find the right phrasing for your subject line. Think of clever ways to use verbs. Consult an online thesaurus. (It’s my best friend when writing!)

Don’t let your language become unnatural

“Meliorate” is a synonym for improve, but you’d never tell someone you want to share tips on how to meliorate ROI. Enough said.

Tip 3: Keep It Sweet and Short 

The last two minutes of a football game can stretch on for eternity. All the timeouts and stalls feel like a waste of time to you, the viewer. There isn’t anything you can do about it. So, you accept it. Not so with email. When any of us get an email that doesn’t seem worthwhile, we have choices. We can send it to the trash.

If you want to break through the delete barrier, make your email worth reading.

  • Quickly demonstrate you understand their concerns
  • Express empathy
  • Show how you can help 

Big blocks of text are overwhelming 

When your contact opens up your email, they will quickly skim over it to see if anything catches their eye. If the first thing they see is a big block of text, then they won’t bother reading further. Snap. You’ve lost them.

Write less than 99 words

You might think this is hard, but you don’t have to say everything in your first email. You just have to say enough to pique their interest. Save some for next time.

Tip 4: Persist!

You can’t give up after one email. It takes 9+ attempts to reach prospects right now. I can almost hear some of you crying out that if you send that many emails, you’ll annoy your contacts. Your email open rate will drop. They’ll mark you as spam. If you send all 9 in the same week, yes, they probably will. But you’re not going to do that.

Follow the Bloodhound Strategy

If you’re sending prospecting emails, weave your emails into a broader plan using our Bloodhound Prospecting Strategy. It clearly defines when and how to reach out to a prospect. You’ll know if you should be sending an email, cold calling, or connecting on social. Get your copy right now.

If you’re sending emails as part of your marketing lead generation strategies, they should be part of a longer campaign anyway. Spread them out and persist.

Tip 5: End With a Clear Call-to-Action 

Every message in your email marketing campaign should have a clear call-to-action (CTA). You could be trying to get them to download a guide from your resources section or schedule a meeting with you. Make your CTA the last thing you add before your signature. Clearly state the action you want them to take and make it easy for the prospect to follow through.

You might ask them to: 

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Download the guide
  • Fill out this survey 

Use buttons to make your CTAs stand out

Pick one of your brand colors that will pop and add CTA buttons in your email. If you send a newsletter, intersperse multiple calls-to-action throughout the content.  

Be clear and creative 

A clever saying in a button could catch someone’s eye, but they need to understand what you want them to do. Don’t sacrifice clarity.

Express empathy. Then call them to action

Here’s what it could look like It’s scary to not know where your next lead will come from. Use this link to set up a time to talk. We’ll figure out how to rebuild your sales funnel so you consistently get the leads you deserve.

Less is more

Multiple CTAs are distracting. Whether it’s for prospecting or marketing, two or more CTAs in a single email won’t lead to more results. Choose one action item. Make it clear why your prospect should follow through. Then give them a simple path to act.

You don’t have to manage email marketing campaigns on your own

No single player or coach can win a football game on their own. Success is a team effort. We help companies like yours reach prospects through email marketing campaigns. Let’s chat about your emails. I want to see you get responses and meetings.          








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